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publishing to end female
genital mutilation.

Empowering Authors, Ending FGM


UnCUT/VOICES Press is unique among publishers for its dedication to ending female genital mutilation (FGM). We are part of a global movement to ensure that the thousands of girls who would daily be cut remain intact. Multiple genres and voices reveal ways to stop the blades.  It is our privilege to bring you novels, memoirs, drama, stories, poetry, reportage, scholarship and more, so that you, too, can play your part in improving public health.


Book sales support projects that work toward this aim.



  • If you want to join a growing movement to safeguard the health and dignity of girls, informing yourself about a multifaceted, complex tradition is essential.

  • And if you want to support the global movement to end FGM, consider purchasing our books whose sales facilitate courageous movers and shakers in the field.

L to r: Dr. Tobe Levin von Gleichen, Yordanos Melake, Rim Melake, and Dr. Mariame Racine Sow, Managing Director of FORWARD for Women.




UnCUT/VOICES books address “the destruction of female sexuality, a wound without a voice. Reclaiming the right to speak can retrieve
women from their muted mutilation. Failing to reveal their injuries facilitates the harm that they alone can heal.”

Elfriede Jelinek, 2004 Nobel Laureate in Literature.

Translated by Tobe Levin

"What we think of as the unspeakable pain and suffering of FGM must be shouted and given voice, relentlessly."

Prof. Henry Louis Gates, Jr., Harvard University, 2017


  • In 2005, Khady published Mutilée in Paris. An immediate best-seller, translation rights were sold within a few months to a dozen nations. But no English-language publisher was interested.


  • Why? The USA shied away from a topic that is unpleasant and can, if handled without sensitivity and tact, cause pain to immigrants already open to racist attack.


  • Nonetheless, listening to survivors is crucial, and Khady is among the best. So UnCUT/VOICES Press was founded to bring Mutilée and other inaccessible but important work on FGM to the anglophone world.

The story behind our second book is similar

  • Prize-winning author Hubert Prolongeau had been tasked with writing a biography of renowned urologist Dr. Pierre Foldes who discovered the means to restore an amputated clitoris. This book, too, was unavailable to readers of English so UnCUT/VOICES translated it – our second book.

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