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Pierre Foldes: The Surgeon Who Restores the Clitoris

by Hubert Prolongeau


One hundred and thirty million excised women inhabit the globe. These massive statistics mask human realities: torment breaks these victims one by one. Pierre Foldes took their hurt in both hands, nesting their stammered complaints in his heart. Like most physicians, he could simply have eased their pain and kept his mouth shut. But he began to think outside the box, at no little cost to himself, and became an activist. For reasons both medical and humanitarian, Pierre Foldes chose to put himself on the line. This is what Hubert Prolongeau tells us, narrating not only an unadorned tale of admiration but a beautiful book, written by a master’s pen, useful and convincing.

Undoing FGM

15,00 €Price
  • „A highly readable and tantalizing book, Foldes restores what should never have been cut. His dedication to the health and well-being of women makes clear that FGM must stop.”
    -Yayehyirad Kitaw, MD/MPH, 2017
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