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A master’s degree student in narrative anthropology, Emily has examined her own roots―but only through an academic lens. All this changes, however, when she comes home to Africa and reconnects with her family’s tribe and its mystical prophecies. Sent on an assignment to embed herself with the last living members of this ancient tribe living the old way deep in the forest, Emily attempts to keep an academic distance even as the people she’s there to observe insist that she is the one they’ve been waiting for, and that it is her destiny to find a stone tablet made thousands of years before Christ and lead the tribe into the future. But resisting her call for change are the women in her village―who worship a secret goddess who advocates female genital mutilation as a symbol of true purity―as well as a police chief with an agenda all his own.


Soon, Emily is swept into the ultimate battle of opposing minds, souls, and bodies―one that could determine the future not just of her tribe but women everywhere.

Stones: A Novel

15,00 €Price
  • „Everything Jeanie Kortum writes (and does!) is informed by a huge heart, a gentle and tenacious intelligence, a fierce longing to tell truth stories, a passionate dedication to the betterment of humanity. She is a wonderful writer.”
    -Anne Lamott, 2017
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